China’s educational authority warns students against seven Singapore institutions

The following is a topic and a turn of events that has a strong effect on me. Having lived and worked in Singapore for a number of years, I have gained an insiders view of two of the schools listed below. The academic staff, the administration staff and the students have as far as I am concerned been second to none. So when news like this is released it always saddens me and makes me concerned for their positions.

However the management style, that I have witnessed in these institutions, is as far as my humble opinion is concerned a joke. Loyalty and trust is demanded from the staff and yet that loyalty is not repaid by sound managerial decisions. Working in an ‘educational’ institution that demands your silence, that smothers criticism at birth and has one driving force – maximisation of profit – is a soul destroying experience. Yes they speak of ‘education’ on the rare occassion but only if it enhances their marketability. As soon as you get close enough and involved enough you realise that something lurks beneath the surface.

There is something rotten in the so-called ‘Education Hub’ of Singapore and it lies at the feet of the senior management and in Singapore that usually refers to the owners.

The suspension and expulsion of institutions from the CASE scheme is a worthy intervention. Case outlines its ‘vision/mission’ statement as

“: Protect & enhance consumers’ interest through information, education & to promote an environment of fair & ethical trading practices.”

So what ‘fair and ethical trading practices’ have these institutions breached?

The only other issue I have is to ask ‘when and how has this knowledge been disseminated to local Singaporean students?’

Chinese students are being warned not to apply to seven private schools and training centers in Singapore.

The Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) recently disqualified seven private schools. They are the Oriental School of Business, Singapore Institute of Commerce, Louis Preston School of Business, Louis Preston Travel & Tourism Training Center, Stansfield College, Lions Club of Singapore Nanyang, and Froebel School of Education.

Chinese students can log on to China’s Ministry of Education website as, to check the qualifications of schools abroad.

Source: Xinhua


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