If you have yet to watch France24 live on the internet I suggest that you do so now. Seriously I think this is potentially huge.

Click on the image to see the old and new media debate in a whole new light. The more I watch it the more I want to tell everyone to go there and just see for themselves…


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Lived in Singapore for 6 wonderful years and has been blogging since 2003, under various names but always on Singaporean issues.

One Response to France24

  1. I. A. Humphrey says:

    My name is Humphrey, I am 19 years old and I want to mail you this

    9th December 2006
    The whites have always devoted themselves to help Africa. They have always wanted to help Africa. But all I see is the extortion of Africa. May be the reason why you are called geniuses is that you come down to Africa take reports and statistics for your companies and organizations over there in Europe and America to extort Africa of its beauty and impair self reliance. May be the world is now a global village and your efforts are now obvious. One ting I have developed myself to understand is that you go to countries that still enjoy your activities and deceive them with way of life thereby trying to hampered self-growth and encourage dependency. You might find it hard to see where I am coming from or understand my own school of thought but whole point is derived from my critical and philosophical evaluation and examination of the west.

    I can’t really talk much of the British but I know them as people with principles and well-respected citizens. But I sure can bet on the Americans for the way they interfere or tap into the affairs of others is carnivorous. America according to George W. Bush do not accept defeat or do not surrender, but how would you know the joy in winning when you don’t know the pain in loosing. It is true that no one would willingly accept defeat but it is a natural phenomena and no body is perfect in this world.

    You whites are disgusting (I am sorry to say that), you don’t have culture any more, you are blindfolded by civilization and no one wants to suffer which probably leads you to doing things that are absurd, weird and immoral. You might ask what those weird things are? Why not check it out yourself, your doctors do some ungodly operations like tightening a female’s private part for one useless reason or the other, thereby making her a virgin again. Transplants where a male or a female is transformed into his/her opposite sex. What an ungodly act. What do you take the God Almighty who created you a female for? You think you can do better than God? The world is filled with diverse religion, beliefs and tradition, but it seems you don’t have any moral ethics. I say this because in Africa if you are not guided by your religion or belief you are guided by your tradition, which you cannot escape.

    The war in Iraq. My belief is that the United State of America most especially encourages such wars to sell out weapons. The US budget more on defense other than any other sector. Are you the only country that needs defense? Why is tat your mind is focused on war and mass destruction, why not think of world peace or think of how to help other underdeveloped nations. I was taught in school that the United States is not among the policy of Non-Alignment brac a bric, from my own deduction I will say that the United States of America encourage terrorism. If your question is how? I will suggest that President Bush and his co-president might be in a better position to answer that, since they go around giving reasons to justify their actions on the war in Iraq. But all we know is that there are lives lost both civilians and militaries and people made homeless and turned to refugees in their own country. And may be the reason why President Bush lost to the last mid poll is that his charms are no longer winning souls.

    The report on the investigation into Iraq that Bush and probably Tony Blair failed to achieve their aims in Iraq was embarrassing, disturbing, a disgrace and an insult to the duo president and their country. The Americans are stubborn. I say so because they don’t accept defeat, if we are to go by what Bush said and stubbornness is definitely not a good virtue which is the reason why Bush failed to realize the victory over Iraq and the middle east. They just want to keep selling out ammunitions to earn more bucks. I believe that the war in Iraq could have been avoided through a peaceful and strategic dialogue. I can’t help generalizing the Americans on this issue because I believe that there is assaying that a threat to the life f any American is a threat to the whole of America. This goes to show that there is respect to the life of the Americans and they should be proud of that. But I call on you all to give criticism to whatever I have said here and give your own opinion(s).

    I believe in the Americans to do everything possible to calm situations in their country through strategic negotiation and peaceful dialoguing. I believe and they know that a conflict between two parties is just a misunderstanding. Why not define conflict and misunderstanding philosophically and give possible solutions thereafter. But I cant still justify the saying that there can never be development without conflict, may be that’s the school of thought President Bush loves as it’s the medium through which they enlarge their purse by selling out.

    I commend the Director General of the Nigerian Television Authority, (NTA, which has now gone international), Dr. Tony Iredia, on his comment that most corrupt practices in Nigeria is fueled by some top men in the so-called civilized countries. He was trying to drive home his point but that BBC presenter, Steven Sackur, did not give him the chance to. For crying out aloud, why didn’t you give him the chance to express his view? All that is kept in mind now is that, Dr. Tony Iredia the DG of NTA accused o claimed that the west are responsible for the corruption in Nigeria, but without reason, as it will run in the mind of some highly observant critics who were there at the debate on journalism organized and aired on BBC. I can’t actually remember the question, as I was interested to hear his answer. But the implication of that question if carelessly answered can tarnish the image of Nigeria and Africa at large. Then why was he not given the chance to finish? Why? This also applies to his (Steven Sackur’s) interview with the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, on the 8th of December 2006(as at when I washed it on BBC hard talk). You were asking him questions without giving him the chance to talk and answer, may be that’s the meaning of Hard Talk or may be that’s how you do your job over there. But come to think of it, why is France now interested in the genocide that happened twelve years (12) ago (1994-2006). Do they want to run the affairs of the Rwandan government? A country on it’s own, in Africa and not in Europe. Why didn’t they stop the genocide while in it’s prior stage, rather the whites were moved out of Rwanda to their respective countries, leaving the Rwandans to kill each other. Was it not the present Prime minister of France, Dominique de Villepin, who was the then director of the cabinet of the foreign minister when the genocide started? What was his contribution to ensure a serene situation in Rwanda? From my own philosophy they (France) are trying to spark another war in Rwanda or possibly genocide if we are not careful. This is like opening an already healing wound. What do we expect now that the diplomatic ties between Rwanda and Paris is broken. All this, geared towards remembering the Rwandans their past to take revenge, which brings about war thereby selling out. But Africa is a home of peace.

    I consider France, Britain and the US as diplomatic marauders who use their power (world power) to interfere unnecessarily into the affairs of other countries. They make a lot of unnecessary and childish noise, bragging their egos.

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