Release Ching Cheong

Dear colleagues,

Release Ching Cheong under Medical Parole ASA

Ching Cheong has been detained for over one-and-a-half years. We are extremely worried about his deteriorating health. The Hong Kong Journalist Association has initiated a worldwide signature campaign calling on the Central Government to grant an early release for Ching Cheong under medical parole for humanitarian reasons. We also urge the Hong Kong government to assist Ching and his family to the greatest possible extent.

We anticipate your active participation. You can sign on the following form and fax it to us via 2572-7329. You can either join our campaign on 16 December outside the front gate of Sogo Department Store, East Point Road, Causeway Bay or sign up via before 5pm on 21 Dec 2006. We will send the signatures to the HKSAR government to express our concern on 22 December 2006, Ching’s birthday.

Mr. Ching Cheong, the chief China correspondent for the Singapore Straits Times, who has been sentenced by the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court to five years imprisonment, having been charged with espionage offences. Mr. Ching Cheong was detained by the State Security Bureau in April last year .

Best regards
Ms Serenade Woo
Chairperson of the HKJA


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