Singapore man faces 180 years in prison

The hoax bomb warning is simply the action of an asshole, but if he is convicted to 180 years in prison for illegally accessing a wireless network 60 times then I would imagine there are a lot of wireless hackers in Singapore filling their trousers. First haul a few through the courts and make an example of them and then find another bunch of net ‘criminals’ to make an example of – I wonder which group is to be targeted next?

Frank Washkuch Jan 9 2007 17:57

A Singaporean hacker has been charged with posting a fake July 2005 bomb threat on a technology website and 60 counts of illegally accessing a wireless network.

Lin Zhenghuang, 21, was charged last week with facetiously warning of a bomb at a local bus stop – just after the London subways and bus bombings. Other site users reported Lin’s post to authorities, according to an Associated Press report.

Lin, who uses the online pseudonym “krisurf,” also faces 60 charges of illegally accessing nine wireless networks between July 2005 and February 2006, according to the AP. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison and US$6,500 in fines.

Lin has been charged with violating Singapore’s Computer Misuse Act [pdf].

Garyl Tan Jia Luo, 17, was also charged with accessing the web via another person’s internet connection in November of last year. A neighbor told authorities that Tan had accessed his web connection in May 2006.


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