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Thailand cancels invitation to Singapore’s foreign minister

Thai government rescinded Tuesday the visit of Singapore’s foreign minister later this month after ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s meeting with Singapore Deputy Prime Minister.

The government also announced it was suspending a civil exchange program with Singapore and canceled a meeting about the program that was to be held later this month.

“We expressed dissatisfaction with the explanation made by Singaporean authorities. Therefore we decide to cancel visit of Singapore’s Foreign Minister George Yeo to Bangkok later this month ,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Kitti Wasinondh said.

Thai Foreign Ministry summoned Singapore ambassador on Monday to express deep concerns on Thaksin’s visit to Singapore.

An informed source said Singapore issued a private invitation for Thaksin to stay in the island nation for three days. Thaksin met Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister S Jayakumar during the visit over the weekend.

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