Taksin interview by CNN in Singapore

The 23th Prime Minister ,Taksin Shinawatra is interviewed by Dan Rivers ,CNN Singapore on 15 January 2007.

A version with Thai subtitles is available here.
And this is what the people of Thailand saw when it was on CNN – Censored.

Thaksin is unfair and unkind to Singapore : former S’pore envoyThe Nation.

A former Singapore ambassador criticised deposed Thai prime minister of being entirely unfair and unkind to Singapore.

“Thaksin put Singapore in a tight spot. We tried to make his visit as low-key as possible. In some ways, Thaksin was unkind to us. It would have been better if he had done the CNN interview somewhere else,” said Kishore Mahbubanim, a former Singapore ambassador to UN.

Kishore is now dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and gave interview to Singapore-based newspaper, Today, on Wednesday.

The Thai government on Tuesday suspend indefinitely all high-level meetings with Singapore, including a ministerial dialogue next month, to protest the island’s insensitivity to Thailand’s political situation.

The decision was made after deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra was allowed to visit Singapore and met Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister S Jayakumar.

Kishore said, “In my experience, when that happens you get these strong positions being taken. It’s a way for the government to protect itself. So, Singapore becomes a victim in these political wrangles.”

He said that Thailand was currently going through a rough patch.

Mr Mahbubani said Singapore had, in the past, gone through rocky patches with the Philippines and Malaysia and it should remain patient until the storm with Thailand blew over.

“When Thailand overcomes its difficult problems, their national interests will come into play. There are very sound reasons for Thailand and Singapore to cooperate,” he said.


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