The High Court in Singapore had imposed Death Sentence on Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi. 19, a Nigerian and Okele Nelson Malachy, 33, who is stateless (from South Africa).

On the 16th March 2006, the Court of Appeal dismissed their appeals. As a last resort, they can file appeal for clemency to the President. It is clear from previous clemency petitions that the President hardly grants any clemency.

In Singapore, “the law presumes that a person caught in possession of prohibited drugs knows that he is in possession of illicit drugs, with the burden of rebutting the presumption on the person charged.”

Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi thought that he was carrying African herbs that tasted like chocolate. On 28 November 2004, he was arrested at the Changi Airport transit lounge with heroin. He had with him 100 capsules of heroin weighing about 727.02 grams.

Tochi was arrested for allegedly carrying heroin while Malachy was nabbed in a subsequent police operation after Tochi identified him as one of his companions. The court in Singapore handed the death sentence after a 13-day trial. It is disturbing to note that the learned trial judge himself having raised reasonable doubts proceeded to convict them.

Against Tochi the trial judge Mr.Kan Ting Chiu made the following finding at paragraph 42 of his judgment [2005] SGHC 233:

“There was no direct evidence that he knew the capsules contained diamorphine. There was nothing to suggest that Smith had told him they contained diamorhine, or that he had found that out of his own.”

Against Malachy, the trial judge made the following finding at paragraph 61 of his judgment:

“Although there was no direct evidence that the accused knew that the capsules contained drugs, and there is no presumption of such knowledge raised against him…”

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10 Responses to AMARA TOCHI

  1. Joerg says:

    well, i would like to leave a comment, but with this old idiots from the PAP, what kind of comments can one leave? Just hope they will all die soon, hopefully also a cruel death, and leave the power to a younger generation with more brain that this old faggots like Lee Hsieng Loong, who always get fucked by his bodyguards, fact that almost everybody in Singapore knows.

  2. Chukwuma says:

    Tochi’s case is like the case of vendetta. The trial gudge confessed not to have had any direct evidence linking Tochi to the said drug and still went ahead to condem him.

    I wish to remind him that the Mosaic Law will take its toll in this circumstance. Be aware that a lot of Singaporeans are living in Nigeria. Even the plea for clemency by our president could not change their heart.
    Go ahead and kill Tochi and see what the reparcuation will be. Nigerians will not take it lightly with Singaporean Government. Bye & Good Luck.

  3. Tope says:

    It is unbelieveble that they still went ahead and killed Tochi. I believe that the Singaporean Embassy in Nigeria should be shut down permanently and ALL their citizens asked to evacuate the country within 48 hours.

  4. Emcee says:

    Bloody, Idiotic Governemnt

  5. jacob says:

    its avery sad news dat the singaporean government still went ahead to execute Tochi a young promising gentle man despite the plead from Nigerian authority>therefore our diplomatic reltion should be ceased and there Embasy should be closed down;cos it is inhuman;there is no law dat cannot be reppiled.

  6. Uche says:

    Singapore! Ur stupid country….who d hell do u think u r to take another mans life, let alone my blood…to be honest, if i had it in my power i will c that ur country be burnt down to the ground and a hail storm of fire fall from ur skies n scorch all u bastards…. Mr. Kan n d stupid prime minister, wot gives u d right to take another mans life? may God grant u ur own justice n i hope u never sleep well as the faces of all u have hanged torment you.

  7. Nwankwo Obioma says:

    If the trial judge had so much doubts, it is right for one to find out why he still went ahead and convicted Tochi, maybe ‘cos he is NIGERIAN. I believe they wouldn’t have found it that easy to hand that same punishment to, say, an American in the same condition. We are talking about a teenager for God’s sake.

    Anyway, I hope the Nigerian government finds a way to get back at the bloody Pores that sing. Unfortunately, I doubt if any Pore works in the oil sector, the militants in the Niger Delta would have helped out.

  8. jojo says:

    for murdering this poor boy, say your last prayers a bigger TSUNAMI is on the way.

  9. Ola says:

    Why? even after all the pressure and pleading,a Nigerian is killed!!! What is the cost of a Nigerian life.I hope Singapore does not have an embassy in Nigeria, if they do…We will hit them hard!!!

  10. mark says:

    all those bastards singaporens,i hope u all die and die soon.and the bastard prime minister,i hope u get ur judgement in hell fire cos thats where u are definitely going.i hate you singaporeans with a passion.hoping and waiting for the day a war will break out and i’ll be the first to remember singapore.any day i find any singaporean out of that country,i swear i’ll kill that person with my own hands.the sigaporean prime minister is a fucking bastard,i hate you and all that u relate to,i cant wait to kill u bastard faggot.

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