Singapore’s Death Penalty and Blog Posts

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I am concerned with using technology or software to understand the discourse of the Singapore blogosphere.

I am very much aware of the limitations of using technorati to monitor topics online, and I am faced with the issue of which terms/words to search for, Singapore, Death Penalty, Singapore Death Penalty, can merely give an indication of the number of blog posts referring to the terms that I have decided to isolate. ‘Penalty’ could of course refer to football. There are other terms and words as well as events that may have increased the use of these terms by Singaporean bloggers but have nothing to do with the Singapore geographic context. One example is the recent Saddam hanging.

So what can I claim, I think I can claim that the graphs show 1,600 in December to just over 200 on Jan 29th posts on the global blogosphere mentioning the term death penalty, pro or against cannot be ascertained. While during the same period around 25 posts containing Singapore and the death penalty occurred. Again pro or against is not discernible. For the same 30 day period 1,200 to 1,600 posts contained ‘Singapore’ in the item. But am I able to assert that 1,200 blogger wrote about Singapore and 25 wrote about the death penalty, I think that is an inference too far, if simply based on using a technorati search engine.

Posts that contain Singapore per day for the last 30 days.
Technorati Chart

Posts that contain Death Penalty per day for the last 30 days.
Technorati Chart

Posts that contain Singapore, Death Penalty per day for the last 30 days.
Technorati Chart

So are the Singapore aggregator blogs simply showing a ‘truer’ picture of the Singapore blogosphere’s dscourse? Or are all Singapore bloggers uninterested in the death penalty. Recent posts have indicated that there are bloggers prepared to air their views on the death penalty both pro and against. Maybe posts about the death penalty are just in the minority and reflecting the local dis-interest or possibly global dis-interest.

These graphs are very limited in terms of looking at the linguistics and the social and political concerns of the bloggers but they do raise some interesting debates. For the same 30 day period ‘The Straits Times’ appeared in blog posts between 50 and 100 times (approx.). Possibly the writers are attacking and undermining reporters errors, maybe the are linking to snippets of articles or the forum pages. I have no idea.

Posts that contain Straits Times per day for the last 30 days.
Technorati Chart

The international press picked up on a story that they feel has a global relevance, global being the operative word.

What I am concerned with, as well as Tochi and Malachy’s hanging, is what I experience on a daily basis of reading Singapore aggregators and Singapore blogs is that there is almost zero and I mean zero concern with issues on a global scale.

Is the Singapore blogosphere isolated from the wider global blogophere?

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Another way to search for trends is via blogpulse.

Singapore and Death Penalty is the just visible green line at the bottom


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One Response to Singapore’s Death Penalty and Blog Posts

  1. keith weinman says:

    Your government has murdered over 1000 people in its anti-drugs campaign. Not one of these has been a top-level criminal, rather unfortunate individuals who thought that they might make some easy money, or people who had drugs placed on them unknowingly (and it appears quite a few people who have been murdered by your government almost certainly did not know that they weer carrying drugs), and people who were set up by your less than honest police force. Did you know that your government changed the rules of prosecution some years ago. Prior to this change, the standard of evidence required for prosecution was approximately equivalent to that of most first world nations – consquently relatively few successful prosecutions were obtained. However after the chenge the standard is now approximately equivalent to the level of evidence required for prosection in a third world country – ie the middle east. Together with the idiotic use of a mandatory death penalty, this results in probably more unjustified state-sanctioned murders than in any other country with the exception of China. Singaporeans accept this system, therefore they are directly responsible for every person their government has murdered. The magnitude of the drugs trade remains undiminshed, apart from in the unseeing eyes of the Singaporean politicans, and the only logical conclusion that that Singapores government murders for political reasons – nothing more.

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