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We discuss the case of Amue Athu in a Singapore prison going to the Singapore supreme court and other issues.

I have reposted the following article as it is related to the video above. Also takes UNESCO to task and the sending of missionaries to Thailand.

From Akha Heritage Foundationmedium_amuestraitstimes.jpg

Ms. Meitinee Wongsa, an Akha woman from Thailand, was trafficked into Singapore. She was sent out of the country without due process and when she returned legally she was arrested. Now her case goes to the Singapore Supreme Court. Activism Works.

Ms. Meitinee Wongsa, an Akha woman from Chiangrai province in Thailand, was trafficked to Singapore under cloudy circumstances. She was quietly sent out of Singapore without due process when she didn’t “work out”.

Later when she chose to marry a man from Singapore, and set a date for marriage and returned to Singapore, the Immigration of Singapore arrested her and sentenced her to one year in prison for illegal entry.

Her fiance fought for her defense, and it was determined that highly irregular events happened in the handling of her case. How was she sent out of Singapore the first time with no arrest? Who signed what papers? Who was the translator? Why did they make her sign papers which said her real name was not in fact her real name? Why is there no record of her “arrest” with Singapore Immigration?

Now all of this is coming to light, and her case has been admitted by the Singapore Supreme Court.

In a day or two it will be listed on this site:
Supreme Court” under “Criminal Revisions”.

This case has been very important to the freedom of Ms. Wongsa who is now in Portdown prison for many months.

It is also important because the Thai Embassy has had to admit she is there and confirm that she is a Thai citizen, which they did not want to do, (first they said her passport is false) and that her Identity card and passport are genuine. In the past Thailand has disowned Akha women trafficked to places like Japan.

You can contact the Singapore Consul in San Francisco to ask them about this case and for the immediate release of Ms. Wongsa. Her prison number is S12369.

Singapore Consul
595 Market Street, Suite 2450
San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
Tel: (415) 543-4775
Fax: (415) 543-4788

Singapore citizens who need emergency consular assistance can call: (415) 595-4346
Use the last number, they actually answer the phone.

This case is also important in that it gives lots of light to how the Akha are treated, and the trafficking of Akha women by the Thais. The brothel owner in Hatyai has not been arrested at this time.

NGO’s in Thailand have proved nearly totally useless in getting one of “their own” arrested for a crime.

Thank you for supporting Akha Human Rights.

We hope that her case is overturned and that she is released and allowed to marry and stay in Singapore as a FREE Akha woman.

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