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  • Tracking my Tainted Faith
  • Everything.s Not As it Seems
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  • Bastardisation of the East
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  • SD/KD
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  • Singapore’s Anti Death Penalty Campaign
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      I think you’re making a very good point there

    5. wee sien says:

      I had recently purchased eurail select pass from your office but experienced very bad service from their staff.

      1) We first made a deposit to purchased 2 passes and was told to return the following week to make any bookings. However, when we return the following week, we were told that no bookings was done and we realise that the staff had forgotten to do anything.

      2. After that, we had to keep chasing the staff to make bookings for us and she could not easily be contacted. She replied once that she would call us once it was ready, but she did not. In fact, we tried to contact her a few days to no avail. Only after a few days later, did we know that the tickets were ready. She then made a last minute call on a saturaday morning (about 10am) to inform us that we had to make payment by that day.

      3. After we paid the price of the passes in full, their staff informed us that she would send the tickets to us by post. However, 2 weeks had passed and AGAIN, we need to contact her(which was hard to do so) only to realise that the tickets are ready. BUT, she said the tickets were too bulky and informed us to collect it.

      i) The attitudes of their staff involved in my purchase are in question.

      ii) Why did I have to chase for my purchase? Why didnt your office keep me informed of the latest developement of my purchase? Why was I informed at the last minute that I had to make the remaining payment?

      iii) I was informed from the start that the tickets would be sent to me, but still I had to collect the tickets from their office. Their staff are giving misleading information from the start.

      iv) Their staff had no knowledge of the pass that I am purchasing, which could have resulted in my loss again.

      v) I was informed from the start that once the tickets are ready, their staff would call me. But I was the one who had to constantly called up and check.

      With this bad experience, I would not consider to use their services again. The public out there should be informed of such unpleasant experience with Chan Brothers.

    6. Cool site, love the info.

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